About Us

Erie & Creek Tackle was founded in 2021 in the small town of Tillsonburg, Ontario. 

Owned and Operated by a local passionate angler, Erie & Creek's goal is to make fishing more accessible with quality, trusted brands, and products, while also being competitively priced. If you come by our store location, you will always be greeted with exceptional customer service, whether you are a new, or seasoned angler, our store has a very welcoming environment for all to enjoy - after all, every one of us started somewhere!   

Erie & Creek Tackle is truly a product of what one can do with a dream, passion, and determination. 

As some know, it takes time to build up a small business - especially when it comes to inventory. The goal at Erie & Creek is to continue growing our inventory based off of local needs as much as possible. While we may not have everything for everyone, just know we can probably still get it for you and quite quickly too and this also helps the shop build!

We are always welcome to insights on products you are interested in and what we can do to make your experience at Erie & Creek Tackle better.

Thank you for your support - it does not go unappreciated! 

Owner & Operator