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Flambeau 2003TTD Tuff Tainer Utility Box

Flambeau 2003TTD Tuff Tainer Utility Box

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Featuring revolutionary Zerust technology molded directly into the plastic, the Flambeau 2003TTD Tuff 'Tainer Tackle Box provides the ultimate worry-free corrosion protection for your tackle.

There’s no need for messy VCI cardboard chips that lose their potency when they get wet or any other corrosion-protection, the 2003TTD features 15 Zerust dividers providing up to 18 compartments.

Zerust has proven to be the absolute best way to protect your tackle against rust and corrosion. Molded into the Tuff Tainer dividers, this patented polymer emits a harmless vapor, forming a protective layer around metal surfaces.

All Zerust products maintain their effectiveness for up to five years or more, so you can count on hassle free, long lasting protection with the Flambeau 2003TTD Tuff 'Tainer Tackle Box.

Product Dimensions: 10.5cm x 17.8cm x 3.8 cm (approximately)

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