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The Perfect Jig

The Perfect Jig Great Lakes Goby 3.5"

The Perfect Jig Great Lakes Goby 3.5"

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The 3.5” Goby is definitely a game changer. The realistic skin and life-like features, set this goby apart from all the rest. The bait is anatomically correct and each bait is hand-poured individually to get the most realistic look. The bottoms of the baits also show iridescent highlights. Not one bait is the same as the other! Pair this bait with our tungsten ned heads for the most true to life action. The tungsten heads will allow the bait to free flow and ensure proper bottom contact at all times with greater sensitivity when working the bait.  Differentiating what bottom structure your fishing, is important when fishing goby baits. This combo for open water and ice fishing will help with that. Coming in packs of 8 and in 4 colours, were sure you will put more and bigger fish in the boat and on top of the ice.

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