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The Perfect Jig

The Perfect Jig Tungsten Finesse Ned Jigs

The Perfect Jig Tungsten Finesse Ned Jigs

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The Tungsten Finesse jig is here!!!! in sizes 1/10, 1/8 and 1/6 this small jig will allow you a much better feel when targeting specific fish either on beds, gravel or sand areas. Tungsten is half the size of lead, that allows anglers to downsize there baits, and still having the same weight just in a smaller profile. Made on a 1/0 mustad hook, this jig is perfect for those active AND inactive fish. The small profile creeps and crawls along, rock, through grass and around wood looking like a tiny crayfish, goby or bottom creature. This small jigs also provides a bait keeper.Β  Fish can’t stand it!!! Pairing it up with our 2β€³ mini craw or 2.7β€³ nedwardo as a trailer is deadly and gives off great action. Hang on!!!

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