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TroutBeads TB Peggz

TroutBeads TB Peggz

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Essential for light-line steelheading, TroutBeads TB-Peggz™ make rigging up a breeze, with the advantage that you can create separation between your hook and attractor bead in order to prevent deep hooking. Simply insert one end into the pre-strung bead and trim close; the TB-Peggz will hold the bead in place thereafter. Also great for setting small cork-style strike indicators at a precise depth on your drift rigs. Tapered on both ends for insertions, plus twice as many uses!


  • Keeps attractor beads in place
  • Helps prevent deep hooking
  • Easy to use; simply insert and trim off the ends
  • Also great for pegging strike indicators
  • Tapered on both ends
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